String-Level PV Monitoring System - Pixel View

With the technology advancement, the PV solar has increasingly become the most cost-effective long-term investment. Like any equipment, solar power system needs to be well managed to maintain the optimal electricity productivity efficiency. Therefore, we provide Pixel View, a data-driven, Web-based intelligent PV monitoring software system, which can transform the PV O&M (Operation & Maintenance) from a manual, complicated procedure into a simple, scalable, and effortless enjoyment to ensure the best solar yield at all times.

Prevent the Damage of Shading Effect

A partially shaded solar module by dust, snow, leaves, adjacent building shadow or even bird dropping may result in significant decline in power generation down to 25%. Pixel View is a user-defined platform for monitoring power generation status in real-time and to further prevent permanent damages, such as hot spot and cell-crack.

High Compatibility, String-Level Monitoring

Pixel View is compatible with all brands of inverters and solar modules that can efficiently analyze both AC and DC generation. The administrator can easily monitor solar productivity, inverter status, conversion rate, PR value, efficiency, and convergence process at a finger tip away.

Embrace Our Prosperous Solar Future

The traditional solar monitoring system can only indicate the underperformance of solar system. The central console needs to send the professional technicians on site and inspect solar modules individually, which is time-consuming and costly. By utilizing Billion Watts solar monitoring system, the administrator can identify the particular solar module series that can dramatically decrease the cost of maintenance & Operation personnel.

Automatic System ROI Forecast and Calculation

Pixel View automatically defines the up-to-date performance and electricity tariff information for various locations and currencies to support power plant owners, project developers, utility companies, and independent power producers (IPP) to calculate their expected PV revenues and system ROI.

Cater to Multi-National Conditions and Customer Needs

Pixel View provides a complete set of Web-based architecture that allows system integrators or software developers to take full advantage of Pixel View. Through the secondary system development of new sites & pages with an easy-to-use APP, we can cater our solutions to various international users, including multi-language texts to meet all monitoring requirements.
Safety Monitoring Operation & Maintenance

Dynamic Functional Configuration Meets Every Management Demand

High-Precision PV String Meter with WideOperating Temperature

We provide 2/4/8/10/12/16 Strings DC meters that can acquire detailed power generation information of each string. By examining the "String Information", users can quickly view the data charts of energy generation, efficiency performance, on the daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Instant Data Tracking and Comparison Report Generation

Through "Substation Comparison" function, the administrator can overview detail information including DC electricity generation, AC power generation, DC PR Value, AC PR Value, the efficiency per kilowatt power, and performance & efficiency ranking of various power plant groups.

Advanced Management with User Defined Intelligent Operation and Maintenance Filter

By self-setting filter condition in the "Site Plan" and "Maintenance Operation" function pages, administrator can set the metrics of each string and inverter on the Pixel View and automatically send out system alerts for quality assurance of each solar farms.

One-Stop Solar PV Energy Monitoring Solution

By reviewing "Inverter Information", the administrator can understand the inverter-related power generation data. Users can set the filter condition for automatic review and judgment, including online color management to signal d ifferent operation at a glance.