Yuanpei University of Medical Technology

Hsinchu Xiangshan, Taiwan

Project Description

Executive Summary

Due to high electricity cost from fossil fuel importation and high carbon emission, Taiwan government is actively pushing towards renewable energy transition through new policy initiative such as Feed-in-Tariff for the solar energy sector. The regulatory framework brings solar key players, enterprises, and individuals to start solar energy investment on the rooftop on their home and office. Billion Watts technologies cooperated with Yuanpei University to install string-level monitoring system for existing PV system on school building rooftop. The goal is to accelerate PV power generation output and to reduce power consumption from non-renewable energy while simultaneously harmonizing government’s initiatives to establish a full-green school environment.


Customer’s Profile

Yuanpei University of Medical Technology (YUMT) was founded in 1964. The university is committed to enhancing the quality of medical technology education and social healthcare in Taiwan for well-being society. Located in Hsinchu technology science park as a Silicon Valley of Taiwan, YPU is surrounded by rural natural scenery of mountainside and river, making it convenient as a learning environment. Furthermore, the university believes that having total renewable energy, YPU promotes green environment campaign as encouraged by Taiwan government through investing solar power plant.



Because of high sunlight intensity, especially during summer, in Taiwan, Yuanpei University has been experiencing overheat temperature, especially on the top floor in each building. During daytime when school activities are running, air conditioners are operating and set at a low temperature to cool down the environment. However, continuous running air conditioner leads to high university’s operational expenses. Thus, YPU decided to install PV panels on the rooftop to reduce the temperature of the building and cooling cost from the conditioner. Furthermore, to generate more power in a short time, YPU was looking for smart tools to monitor energy generation from the solar plant.


Our Solutions

We provide SG3204S - DC 4 Strings Meter and cloud monitoring platform-Pixel View to speed up the energy generation and support solar operation & maintenance of three separated rooftop solar systems. DC string meter collects PV data from each solar string and transmits the data to cloud management system-Pixel View through the RS485 wired communication protocol. The cloud system can pinpoint the underperforming string to reduce downtime by enabling power generation, accumulated energy output, voltage and current measurement of individual PV string.

Pixel View is a user-defined and browser-based solar monitoring platform, which centralizes data from multiple inverters from different rooftop location. Meanwhile, Pixel View facilitates administrators to compare power generation amongst inverters and strings. Pixel View depicts site layout plan to indicate the strings with less power generation. This feature expedites system O&M including panel repair and cleaning. Pixel View can reduce the O&M time and costs, increase turnover rate, and generate more energy from solar PV system through ultra-speed notification functionality and precise remote troubleshooting features.



PV modules installation successfully lowered down the building temperature in the University. By implementing our solution, school manager can overview all detailed data such as voltage, current, power generation per individual string for more productive on-site site survey, total accumulated energy generation, comparison among strings and inverters and review inverter’s performance. Through this project, the university can push forward renewable energy development, tackle global warming issue, reduce carbon emission at the same time to enhance the learning environment.

Project Details

Project Type: Rooftop
Nominal Power: 499.5 kWp
Monitoring Equipment:
  • DC String Meter: Billion SG3204S
  • Inverters: KACO POWADOR 20.0TL

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