Solmo Temp

All kinds of metal, plastic and irregular surface temperature and semiconductor panels, solar panels, weather observation.


  • Use temperature range:-40~+250℃。(Can be customized higher temperature type)
  • Accuracy:DIN IEC751 A Class
  • Superconducting temperature measurement is fast and accurate.
  • Easy to install, resistant to harsh environments and chemicals


TS-01A attached

TS-01S screw fixed

Temperature components

PT100Ω class A; can also order all kinds of thermometer or thermocouple type

Patch size

TS-01A type: 10 × 16mm, t = 1mm

TS-01S type

19 × 22mm,t =1.5mm

Reaction speed

about 15 seconds ※ surface completely close to the situation 

Thermal conductivity

 less than 100 ℃, ≧ 0.8W / mk, higher than 120 ℃,> 1.5w / mk ASTM D5470 extended signal line: weather-resistant Teflon line; can also be customized signal line material, length


Temperature measurement element type

A. Platinum PT100Ω/50Ω/1000Ω DIN-Class A
B. ThermocoupleK、J、E、T、N

Wire type (Length can be specified)

1、PVC wire
2、Silicone wire
3、Teflon wire


a. High temperature resistant adhesive b. White iron clip c. High temperature aluminum tape d. Screw fixing hole

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