SG33S1 Series

SG33S1 series Intelligent Solar Monitoring Box, based on the requirements of different solar installation, consists of Smart Universal Gateway (SG6300NZL/SG6300NXL) with wired and 4G connectivity, SolarEdge data logger(SE1000-CCG-G), environmental monitor meter and other monitoring and protection devices. With AC to DC power converter, SG33S1 can provide monitoring devices with DC power source more efficiently, which can reduce the time of construction, and further improve the operation efficiency.

  •  IP55 International Protection Marking Standard
  • Equipped with waterproof connector
  • Integrated with Timer, SPD, AC NFB, AC socket, DC 24V power converter
  • SUS304 stainless steel box
  • Moderate size, easy to install
  • Powder coating on box and door panel


Power supply

AC110 / AC220

Material/ Thickness


W x H x D (mm)

540 x 460 x 200

Dimensions (unit=mm)

Application Diagram

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