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  • "Fire precautions and revenue reduction are important factors for all Hampshire County Council projects. We have standardized our Solar PV solution for the whole estate in order to isolate the PV energy in fire alarm events"

    Paul Roebuck MIET, Engineering Manager, Hampshire County Council
  • "I am truly proud of this installation, Putnam Lake Fire Department & New York State Solar Farm Inc. have set the standard of what is possible in a community that wants to take control of its energy future using quality products and a great local installer. The best part is that this fire station will be a training facility for other first responders about PV safety."

    Anthony Sicari Jr., CEO of New York State Solar Farm Inc
  • "We have been working with the SolarEdge solution for commercial systems for a long time, and when we were asked as advisors for Dor Alon gas stations to recommend a PV solution, SolarEdge was the obvious choice, not only for the added yields it provides, but also because of the comprehensive safety solution it offers, which is particularly important in this kind of installation."

    Eyal Baharav, Owner, Golan Solar
  • "Without SolarEdge’s SafeDC™ technology, the installation would not have been approved and we would have missed out on this important business opportunity."

    Barry Davis, Director, Kwikelec
  • Staying innovative in the textile supply chain has always been a key focus for Evertex Fabrinology, located in northern Taiwan. This helps bring added value to global outdoor and sports apparel businesses especially through green manufacturing and renewable energy consumption which ensures a sustainable business model in the global supply chain. Utilizing SolarEdge solar power solution in collaboration with Billion’s energy management module helps to facilitate easy power-plant operation. Also, as the global leading Smart EMS developer, we trust Billion Watts’s team in making sure SolarEdge solar-power solution is always up to the maximum safety and power generation standard.

    Tony Yeh, CEO of Evertex Fabrinology Limited