O&M Service

We provide an array of professional solar consulting and O&M services from remote monitoring technology to electrical field work maintenance. Our goal is to deliver the best ROI and IRR results with our dynamic range of products designed to fit the customized demands of each and every single plant owner, project developer, grid company, and EPC.

With the complimentary and optional add-on O&M series, we offer different levels of service packages integrated with high-precision technology and reliable workforce. Our customers can largely improve their power plant performance and maximize the yield through our professionality and credibility.

Our team monitors and supervises any Taiwan-based solar project with an awarded multi-language, multi-functional technology platform, which you can test here :  Pixel View

  Pixel View Field Work
Data Monitoring & Technical Configuration    
Supervision Software with High-Level Analytics, Alerts & Reporting on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year
Real-Time Control Center Manages Remote Power Plant Operation & Diagnosis
Technical Details
Rated Voltage
Rated Current
Performance Guarantees & Superior Maintenance    
Predictive Maintenance Recommendation to Avoid Inverter/Transformer Faults -
Continuous AC/DC Plant Commissioning for Performance Optimization -
Monthly Plant Performance Review & In-Depth Report -
Preventive Maintenance and Incident management -
Planning, Scheduling and Supervision of Maintenance Activities -
Field Treatment and Module Dust cleaning -
Response Time Guarantee for Event Detection & Notification
Creation and Update of Technical Training and Procedures -
Guaranteed On-Call Staff Presence During Business Hours 9AM-6PM -