Billion SG6300NZL

Smart Universal IoT Gateway (3G/4G LTE Embedded)

The Billion SG6300NZL, Smart Universal IoT Gateway, is an all-in-one router designed for users to enjoy real-time energy management and secure Internet access as well. The SG6300NZL is an important hub of Billion SEMS™ Ecosystem, which consists of various sensors such as smart meter, power plug, smart switch, IHD, thermostat, and other sensors.

Key Features

  • Fully IEEE 802.15.4 and ZigBee PRO compliant
  • Build-in RS485 for communicates to RS485 end devices.
  • Build-in 3G/4G LTE module for 3G/4G LTE connection.
  • Dual WAN – broadband and 3G/4G connections
  • Auto fail-over between broadband and 3G/4G LTE interfaces for always-on connection
  • Supports wireless AP mode and client mode
  • Wireless bridge to connect with existing wireless gateway
  • 1 x USB 2.0 Host port for USB storage
  • Support internal storage for history data log.
  • Support Real Time Clock (RTC).
  • Compliant with ZigBee HAN (Home Automation Profile)
  • Provides Billion’s API for vendors to develop their App and cloud service
  • Ideal for Office,Industrial and commercial Users
  • Ideal for Utilities companies
  • Works as part of ZigBee–based energy management solution for business partners:
  • - Power Utilities: solar power, wind power, etc.

    - ZigBee network system integrator and planners.


Open API Development Platform Connects all Zigbee-enabled Devices

The Billion SG6300NZL provides flexible and secure development platform via a well-defined API (Application Program Interface) for system integrator and software partner to integrate their back-end solution and application software, and further to come out their cloud services and apps. Integrated with ZigBee wireless technology, the Smart Universal Gateway can communicate wirelessly with Billion ZigBee-enabled smart meters such as Billion SG3015 series and Billion SG3030 series.

More than a Zigbee Gateway – It is also a Wireless AP and Extended Bridge!

The Billion SG6300NZL not only provides a wireless AP feature by connecting with local smartphone or notebook but also acts as a wireless client for connecting to existing wireless gateway. This feature can extend the wireless coverage and reduce the wiring cost. The Billion SG6300NZL also extends the WAN connection with its Dual-WAN design, Internet access via broadband/DSL and back up through 3G/4G network, to keep users always connected.

Billion provides two models of Billion SG6300NZL according to different applications to meet customers’ need:

Billion SG6300NZL-Std (Standard Version) The Billion SG6300NZL-Std is designed for SI and software companies that they can choose any kinds of platforms to create their own software applications based on Billion’s API. The Smart Universal Gateway pushes all the recorded data to the back-end software or cloud system that was built by SI and software companies so users can remotely monitor energy consumption and manage their appliances. This solution is ideal for SI of energy management and service providers. Billion SG6300NZL-SDK (Software Development Kit Version) The Billion SG6300NZL-SDK is designed for SI and software companies to develop the software inside of Billion SG6300NZL-SDK for providing the customized services and solutions to the end customers.

WAN Interface
3G/4G LTE Yes
Hardware Interface
SIM Slot 1
Fast Ethernet -
Giga Ethernet 3
USB 2.0 1
802.11n (2.4 GHz) -
Micro SD card socket 1
RS485 Master 1
Digital Input -
Relay Output -
Configuration GPIO Port -
Failover / Fallback Yes
Firewall Yes
IP Routing Yes
IP Bridging Yes
TR-069 Yes
Support ZigBee End Device Yes
Support RS485 End Device Yes
Support external I/O Control Yes
Support DI/DO End Device Yes

The Billion SG6300NZL can auto collect front-end sensor information via various communication interface like ZigBee, Ethernet to Power Line Communication and RS485. All the data can be stored in SG6300NZL or push to remote server automatically. The SG6300NZL can act as a wirele ss AP and a wireless client at the same time while collecting data from ZigBee end devices through the ZigBee wireless network to create an energy management solution. It is also able to act as a wireless bridge to connect to other existing wireless gateways.


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